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Year-End Review Checklist

It’s true that year-end rhythms often feel like a game of survival. Fulfilling December deadlines and meeting the demands of the holiday season might require all of your bandwidth. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to draw support from your assistant as you park downhill and prepare for the coming new year. Setting aside a one hour planning session with your assistant during November or December in order to evaluate needed changes for 2024 can reap great rewards. If this idea appeals to you, the below is a Year-End Review Checklist which can serve as a springboard for this conversation:

  • Work rhythms – What parts of your current schedule work well? What pressure points do you feel? Perhaps you have a lot of meetings but little time for deep dive projects, or vice versa. Ask your assistant about solutions to those pressure points.
  • Big Picture Planning – Do you have standing meetings that will carry over into 2024? Do you foresee changing up your meeting rhythms for the new year? Are there seasonal needs that your assistant needs to keep in mind as she prepares your schedule for next year? Now is a great time to take inventory with your assistant so that she can strategically organize your future schedule.
  • Email management – Does your email overwhelm you? Are you ready for your assistant to lend a hand in this area? Now is a perfect time to discuss this possibility with your assistant. Consider a tiered approach if handing over email management makes you nervous. Start small and work up from there.
  • Finances – Does your assistant currently manage your reimbursements or basic finance needs? If you find yourself swimming in receipts or monthly bills, this is another area of support to discuss with your assistant. It’s also a great time to calibrate processes with your EA if she’s already managing these tasks. Your assistant might recommend a new app or system for greater efficiency in 2024.
  • Travel Planning – Any kind of advanced planning that your assistant can do related to travel in the new year will free her to manage unavoidable last minute needs when your trip arrives. Now is an optimal time to take inventory with your assistant of known travel details for 2024.
  • Lead Generation Planning – If you are in the nonprofit sector or are a private business owner, Q4 is an ideal time to plan ahead for customer and donor generation in the new year. You might talk with your assistant to see if she has the margin to assist you with basic social media, newsletter, or email campaigns targeted to specific segments of your customer/donor base. 
  • Preaching schedule & logistics – As a pastor, perhaps your aim is to be more strategic in 2024 with planning a preaching schedule and preparing your team (if applicable) for shared preaching responsibilities. Your assistant can manage the logistics of creating a shared schedule, setting up team planning meetings, and ordering commentaries for any upcoming sermon series. 

A one hour power meeting with your assistant is a prime way to strategically tap into her support. Imagine the relief you will experience when returning from the holidays with plans and organization already in place for 2024.

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