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What Distinguishes Ministry Desk from other Virtual Assistant Agencies?

We are often asked, “what makes you different from other companies?”. We smile because we know there are some key differences that make our agency stand out, especially as it relates to serving Christian leaders. Below are a few of our key distinctives. 

  • Our assistants are believers and members of local churches.

When assistants go through our screening process, we ask them to share their testimonies with us and also the name and website of their local church. We also ensure all of our assistants and clients agree with the Gospel Coalition Statement of Faith to ensure alignment on core convictions. 

  • Clients can meet their assistant before being matched. 

For clients who choose our premium service, we host a pre-match meeting where both the assistant and client can interact, ask one another questions, and have a good understanding of the tasks involved in the partnership before making a final decision to move forward. We care about each partnership and desire for the client and assistant to flourish in their work together. 

  • Clients don’t sign a contract until after they are matched with an assistant. 

Yes, you heard it right. We do not require you to sign a contract until you’re ready to move forward with an assistant. We want each client to feel confident before working with us. 

  • We don’t require a long-term commitment.

Our contracts are flexible. We ask for a three-month commitment once a client and assistant are matched. After that, the client can terminate at any point for any reason (we do ask for a courtesy 30-days notice). If there is an unforeseen issue in the first three months, we as Ministry Desk can pull the client and assistant out of the partnership if needed. 

  • We keep costs low. 

We desire to serve organizations of all sizes. The heart behind Ministry Desk was not only to be able to help the busy Christian executive but also the solo pastor who can’t afford onsite staff at his church. We aim to keep costs low by having minimal overhead expenses. This includes having very tight processes and systems, keeping a small internal team, and providing high quality assistants who are seasoned and do not require extensive training.

  • We consider pastors’ unique preferences related to theology, ecclesiology, and other convictional matters. 

One of our most unique distinctives is that we care about matching pastors with assistants who are like minded in the ways that are important to them. For some pastors, this means simply having a Christian assistant. For others, it means digging into convictions that relate to their ecclesiology. We open up this conversation during the matching process to ensure we provide an assistant who is a good fit. 

Ministry Desk maintains high standards for matching clients and assistants. We don’t work with every client that comes our way and we’re very selective with the assistants we hire. This has proven to be foundational to the success of our company and the high retention rate of both clients and assistants. 

Learn more about how Ministry Desk can set you up with an assistant who can help you accomplish your goals. Schedule a Discovery Call today!

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