Services & Frequently Asked Questions


Church Support

- Graphic design
- Social Media
- Newsletters
- Bulletins
- Brochures
- Membership management
- Assistance with church events & programs

Pastor Support

- Calendar management & scheduling
- Email management
- Member care management
- Sermon cataloging
- Document organization
- Correspondence
- Presentation & outline creation

Board Meeting Support

- Document/agenda preparation
- Board member communication & travel logistics
- Meeting logistics and support
- Minutes and meeting documentation

Speaker Support

- Communication with outside orgs.
- Record keeping of details for event
- Organization of speaker invitations
- Travel booking
- Tripit organization for itineraries
- Expense reimbursement
- Presentation/slides creation

Calendar Management

- Daily calendar proofing and monitoring of schedule
- Long-term calendar planning & strategizing
- Scheduling meetings
- Booking reservations
- Zoom meeting set-up & scheduling

Email Management

- Inbox cleanup
- Inbox organization and flagging system
- Categorization and filing of emails (weekly or daily)
- Managing a second general email account.


- Receipt management
- Implementation of your credit card reconciliation system

Event Management

- Event planning
- Scheduling of food & vendors
- Detailed itinerary creation for events
- Speaker or guest itineraries & booking of travel reservations
- Communication with participants
- Board meeting preparation

Travel Coordination

- Travel research
- Travel booking (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.)
- Tripit organization for itineraries
- Restaurant reservations
- Expense reimbursement

About Ministry Desk

What is your pricing?

Our pricing starts at $1,350/month. Book a Discovery Call for a customized quote and more information.

Because our remote assistants are independent contractors, they provide their own equipment, smart phones, standard computer programs, and pay for their own taxes.

What are your packages?

We offer monthly retainer packages. We are happy to readjust hours in increments of 5 if it becomes clear the client needs more or less hours over time. We provide monthly packages so that there is flexibility week to week to accommodate for slower weeks and busier weeks. Unused hours do not rollover and any extra hours worked will be billed on the next month’s invoice.

45 hours/month (avg. 10 hours/week)

65 hours/month (avg. 15 hours/week)

85 hours/month (avg. 20 hours/week)

What are the benefits of working through Ministry Desk?

We provide clients with top of the line administrative support from assistants who are both ministry minded and administratively gifted. We guide clients through the onboarding process and provide support to the assistant and client from our Client Care Manager.

What do you expect of your Remote Assistants?

We expect our Remote Assistants to:

  • Integrate into their client’s organization and become a part of their client’s team and culture.
  • Utilize the client’s systems and processes within the client’s organization, anticipate needs, think ahead of the client, and be a self starter.
  • Monitor their time and provide efficient and excellent work.
  • Handle pressure and stress with ease and a sense of humor.

We only hire people who are flexible, self-starters and enjoyable to work with in order to make our client’s lives easier!

What types of churches do you work with?

We are not denomination specific. We work with churches who hold to the TGC Confessional Statement, believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Bible, the biblical view of marriage as being between a man and a woman, and to complimentarianism within the church. Often assistants becomes an integral part of the church and pastor’s ministry function and we think it is important to be on the same page on these convictional issues.