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Ministry Desk: The Beginning and Now

Ministry Desk was started by Rachel Brock in 2020. After a decade of experience serving leaders of schools, non-profits, and churches, she saw the need many organizations had for low-cost, remote administrative support.

Rachel spent the months during the COVID-19 shut down working in an effort to launch the business during a crucial turning point for many organizations. The need was greater than ever for remote support and the workforce was seeking flexible work-from-home opportunities.

After spending almost a year developing and putting systems and processes into place, Ministry Desk was born. Rachel handpicked seven freelance assistants to start as Ministry Desk’s first crop of assistants, ready to be matched with clients. Within just a few months, all of the assistants were in active work engagements with Ministry Desk clients and there became a heavy need for more assistants. Rachel quickly brought on a Client Care Manager to ensure the work engagements were well supported and a Talent Manager to oversee the addition of independent contractors, all the while, more and more clients reached out. Most clients found Ministry Desk through referrals and word of mouth. Ministry Desk quickly became known for having pre-vetted assistants who were not only skilled and experienced, but also a true joy to work with. After less than a year, Ministry Desk had to start a waitlist for clients because the demand was so great.

“We would receive emails and comments from clients saying ‘Ministry Desk is the best thing that happened to our organization’”, Rachel says. Leaders were amazed at the relief they felt from their administrative burdens being lifted. They could finally focus on the work that they truly enjoyed – only work that they could do. Leaders who were once skeptical about having remote support became inclined to try it due to the implications of COVID-19 and many non-profit organizations realized they could save a significant amount of money by continuing to work in a remote capacity long-term.

Pastors began to hear about Ministry Desk. In particular, pastors of small churches who did not have the funds to hire a full-time support staff role, found Ministry Desk to be the perfect fit for handling communication, scheduling, and other essential tasks. Larger churches who were experienced in using other virtual assistant agencies were inclined to try Ministry Desk because of the niche in ministry, and the quality, character, and Christian faith of the assistants being brought on.

“It has been a true joy to provide jobs to so many people who want to use their skills and gifting for Kingdom work by matching them with organizations who come to us in need of administrative help,” Rachel says. Rachel meets with each client personally to assess their needs, create a plan tailored to fit their budget, and to pair them with an assistant.

Ministry Desk is now three years into business and has had over 50 assistants and has served many clients. The business serves many different types of leaders and organizations, including businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations all over the world.

Learn more about how Ministry Desk can match you with an assistant to help alleviate your administrative burdens. Book a discovery call today!

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