Ease the burden of administrative tasks.

We provide like-minded virtual assistants to Christian leaders & business owners who need administrative support. 

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Gain hours back into your schedule and money back into your budget by hiring a virtual assistant.

Tasks we can take off your plate:

Calendar Management

Social Media Management

Travel Coordination


Credit Card 

Email Management

Church Support

Event Management

Administrative Duties

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According to Glassdoor.com, the average full-time administrative assistant employee costs an employer $44,285/year (this does not include taxes, benefits, or other overhead expenses, which would increase that amount significantly).

The average expense of hiring one of our virtual assistants at 45 hours/ month  is $16,200/year. There are no extra or overhead expenses since virtual assistants pay for their own taxes, software, and equipment. The cost savings benefit coupled with the efficiency and productivity level you receive with a virtual assistant makes for a large return on your investment. 

Most of our virtual assistants work an average of 10 hours per week.

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“It is hard to overstate the importance of excellent administrative help. Having worked closely with Rachel I have benefited from her ability to anticipate needs, work with extreme efficiency, without ever compromising excellence. She is a true gift to the teams and organizations that she supports.”
J.T. English
J.T. EnglishLead Pastor
Storyline Fellowship

“Rachel Brock has proven she knows how to help organizations, teams, and leaders get things done. She is one of the most high capacity and efficient administrators I have ever worked with and her organizational instincts are superb. I am confident Ministry Desk has the ability to help assist any leader or organization get things done with greater efficiency and the highest standard of excellence.”
Matthew J. Hall
Matthew J. HallProvost & Senior Vice President for Academic Administration
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Rachel Brock’s high bar of professionalism, her broad capacity, and her unflappable demeanor sets her apart as a unique and excellent EA. From the earliest days of our work relationship, she operated in sync with my preferences and instincts, often deflecting problems before they reached my desk. If something went sideways, she cooly and quickly solved the issue. Knowing Rachel, I expect Ministry Deck to be a huge asset to leaders and organizations.”
Jon Deedrick
Jon DeedrickSenior Pastor
Redeeming Grace Church, Goodyear, AZ

“Rachel has been indispensable to our organization, especially to me personally. Whether coordinating board meetings, scheduling, or travel details, Rachel’s proactive attention to detail have allowed me to operate in my areas of strength while ensuring that all of the details are in place when and where needed. I would highly recommend the services of Ministry Desk to any pastor or ministry executive who, like me, requires professional-level assistance.”
Ryan Robertson
Ryan RobertsonPresident
Reaching & Teaching International Ministries

“Rachel Brock is one of the most professional and efficient executive assistants with whom I have ever had the privilege to work. She accomplishes assignments with lightening fast speed and accuracy. Rachel learned of my mode of operation and preferences very early and handled multiple tasks on my behalf before they ever reached my desk. I wholeheartedly commend Rachel and Ministry Desk to individuals, teams, and institutions requiring the highest standards of professional administrative support.”
Tom Hellams
Tom HellamsProvost and Senior Academic Officer
Erskine College & Seminary


How to get started:

1. Discovery call: Fill out our inquiry form and we will book a call to get to know you and your role and organization. We will discuss your needs, goals, and how one of our virtual assistants might be able to help you.

2. Proposal: After the discovery call, we will send a proposal for you to review.  

3. Contract: A formal agreement will be signed that lays out expectations and both parties will sign. You will then get paired with a virtual assistant and the work will begin! 

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