Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not sure what I need. Can you help me figure that out? 

A: Definitely! We have a series of questions we will discuss on the discovery call and talk about your pain points and needs. We have years of experience helping and assisting leaders so we are well aquainted with what leaders typically need. 

2. Will I be working with one person? 

A: Yes, you will be assigned a virtual executive assistant to communicate and work with directly who will be responsible for all of your tasks and making sure you are well taken care of! On occasion your VEA might utilize another assistant on our team if a certain area of expertise or help is needed. 

3. What kind of commitment do you require? 

A: We require a 3 month commitment to start (unless it is a one time project) and after 3 months you can cancel at any time, but we do ask that you would give us at least 30 days notice.  

4. What is the benefit of working with a virtual executive assistant? 

A: Working with a virtual executive assistant is efficient and cost effective. With no overhead costs and only paying for time actually spent on work (no office distractions!), you are getting a huge return on your investment. The VEA takes care of all of their own expenses including taxes and office equipment and programs.

5. How many hours does a typical virtual executive assistant work per week and how do you figure that out? 

A. We consider a part-time VEA one who works between 5-10 hours/week. A full-time VEA works 10-20 hours/week. Most of the time, clients who need a full-time time VEA need help with things like email management, travel planning, and/or event planning. Client needs will be discussed on the discovery call and we will be able to give an estimate.

6. I have a small church and low budget. Can you help me? 

A. Yes! Our Church Support Package is designed to accommodate all different types of budgets. On the discovery call we will discuss your priorities and needs and hone in on the services you need based on your unique situation.

7. What is the difference between the Church Support Package and the Executive Assistant Retainer Package? 

A. The Church Support Package is for select services, which means we talk about exactly what you need and will receive each month and we will agree upon the quantifiable deliverables that you will receive from your VEA. The Executive Assistant Retainer Package is based on an alloted amount of time the VEA dedicates to the client each month for a variety of needs that might vary month to month.

8. Can you talk about the practicalities of having a virtual executive assistant and what that looks like? 

A. We recommend your VEA becomes a part of your organization and team. This means giving your VEA an email address with your domain, giving her access to files and information that will help her integrate into your workflows and systems. Many times the VEA is given a title such as “Executive Assistant to the Pastor” or something similar and is introduced via email or another means to the other members of the client’s team.