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Ease the Burden of Administrative Tasks
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Add Hours
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Your Day.

Ease the Burden of Administrative Tasks With a Remote Assistant
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Ministry Takes a Lot of Time.
Managing Your Calendar Shouldn’t.

Administrative work can slow you down. Ministry Desk can help you run faster.

Save Time and Start Focusing

on What’s Most Important

Stay on Top

Stop important items from falling through the cracks.

Free Up Time

Create the space necessary to think about the tasks central to your ministry.

Create More Margin

Set time aside for the things that are unexpected and urgent.
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Raleigh SadlerExecutive Director
Let My People Go

I appreciate Ministry Desk. So much of the work of a nice nonprofit can be impacted by the administrative assistant. Also, finding a good administrative assistant can be a struggle. I’m thankful that Ministry Desk exists, they have made my life a lot easier.

Steve HuberPastor and Director of the Liberti Network of Churches
Liberti Network

Ministry Desk found an experienced assistant that really fits with our culture and who also works well with me as a leader. Staying on top of email is now a non-stressful task (no small thing with multiple churches involved) and my ability to plan into the future has greatly increased. There are many administrative details that I simply don’t have to think about anymore. Having a virtual assistant has been both fruitful and very affordable.

Travis CramerManaging Partner, Portfolio Development
SRG, Inc.

Ministry Desk and our Ministry Desk virtual assistants have changed our organization! After going 18 years without an assistant, Ministry Desk matched me with the perfect virtual assistant for my needs, and she has helped me more than I could have ever expected or hoped for. Ministry Desk does an amazing job of identifying, vetting, discerning and matching potential assistants with clients like us. We see Ministry Desk as an extension of our HR function, and because of the success in the placement of five VAs (and counting), we intend to continue partnering with Ministry Desk for any administrative/virtual assistant capacity we require.

Giancarlo MontemayorVP of Global PublishingLifeway Christian Resources

From the very first call, I knew this was going to be a professional service. To put it simply, Ministry Desk paired me with the best EA I have ever worked with. It was a perfect match for me and my team. I can´t recommend them highly enough.

Cari MaynardDirector of Ministry SupportFaith Church

I have had the privilege of working with Ministry Desk for the past 10 months and it has been a Godsend! My job pulls me in many different directions and that means I am away from my computer and unable to keep track of communications. Debbie, at Ministry Desk, came in and set up a great organizational system that allowed me to streamline the process of email responses and to do lists. Knowing that I am no longer missing important emails and project deadlines has helped me tremendously. She also is a great project lead and is able to do many tasks virtually to help ease my load. With the help of Debbie, I am able to focus on ministry affairs and know that she is working behind the scenes to help not only my success but my church’s as well. I strongly recommend the team at Ministry Desk!

Peter BrockRegion Leader - Europe and AfricaReaching and Teaching International Ministries (RTIM)

The administrative help provided by Ministry Desk has been invaluable to myself personally as well as to the overall productivity and efficiency of RTIM. The MD VA has freed up dozens of hours during the week for me to engage in deep work and to serve our missionaries in a much more effective manner. With the growth of RTIM our need for quality administrative help was growing as well. Ministry Desk has met and exceeded our expectations in every way!

Finding the Right Fit Can Be Painful.

We Can Help Make It Painless.

Download our free Client Guide and find out what we can take off your plate.

Experienced Assistants

We'll team you up with one of our experienced administrative or executive assistants.


We take care of all the paperwork that comes with hiring and onboarding a new staff member.


We will help you save money and keep costs low by hiring a remote assistant.

What is Ministry Desk?

We understand the pressure that comes with working in ministry and wearing multiple hats. Busy work and administrative tasks take up a lot of time and keep you from making progress on what’s most important. When you aren’t able to focus on what’s most important it causes stress and can leave you feeling frustrated.

At Ministry Desk, we’ve assembled a team of experienced administrative and executive assistants who can help alleviate the burden of administrative work.

Do you only work with churches and non-profits?

While we primarily work with churches and other non-profit ministries, we also pair remote assistants with Christian professionals in a number of contexts. We’d love to connect with you on a Discovery Call to uncover the specific needs of your situation.

Can I afford a remote assistant?

According to, an average full-time executive assistant employee costs an employer $60,684/year (not including taxes, benefits, or other overhead expenses, which would increase that amount significantly).

The average expense of hiring one of our remote assistants at 60 hours/ month  is $23,400/year. There are no extra or overhead expenses since assistants pay for their own taxes, software, and equipment. The cost savings benefit coupled with the efficiency and productivity level you receive with a remote assistant makes for a large return on your investment.

We would love to connect with you on a discovery call and uncover how we can best serve you.

What kind of work can I delegate?

Church support

– Graphic design
– Social Media
– Newsletters
– Bulletins
– Brochures
– Membership management
– Assistance with church events & programs

Pastor support

– Calendar management & scheduling
– Email management
– Member care management
– Sermon cataloging
– Document organization
– Correspondence
– Presentation & outline creation

Board meeting support

– Document/agenda preparation
– Board member communication & travel logistics
– Meeting logistics and support
– Minutes and meeting documentation

Speaker support

– Communication with outside orgs.
– Record keeping of details for event
– Organization of speaker invitations
– Travel booking
– Tripit organization for itineraries
– Expense reimbursement
– Presentation/slides creation

Calendar management

– Daily calendar proofing and monitoring of schedule
– Long-term calendar planning & strategizing
– Scheduling meetings
– Booking reservations
– Zoom meeting set-up & scheduling

Email management

– Inbox cleanup
– Inbox organization and flagging system
– Categorization and filing of emails (weekly or daily)
– Managing a second general email account.


– Receipt management
– Implementation of your credit card reconciliation system

Event management

– Event planning
– Scheduling of food & vendors
– Detailed itinerary creation for events
– Speaker or guest itineraries & booking of travel reservations
– Communication with participants
– Board meeting preparation

Travel coordination

– Travel research
– Travel booking (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.)
– Tripit organization for itineraries
– Restaurant reservations
– Expense reimbursement

How many hours does a remote assistant need to work?

Most of our assistants work an average of 15 hours per week.

Have More Questions?

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Are you doing
Unnecessary Work?

Chances are, you’re spending time and energy on tasks that keep you from focusing on what’s most important. This free guide will walk you through the process of assessing your tasks and uncovering what may be holding you back.

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Are You Doing
Unnecessary Work?

Chances are, you’re spending time and energy on tasks that keep you from focusing on what’s most important. This free guide will walk you through the process of assessing your tasks and uncovering what may be holding you back.

Download Free Guide

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